The Y O G A

We present:

Y O G A Classes

Y O G A  Educational Courses with International Certificates

Y O G A Teacher Training with International Diplomas

Y O G A Tour, Events, Camps, Workshops, Festivals, Conferences 

W A F A Y O G A programs

Special Programs with Yoga Therapy and deep healing Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual guidance for:

Pregnancy, Couples, Anti- aging, Spine Care and Correction, Office Health, Yoga Dance, Kids, Islam Yoga, Ancient Egyptian Yoga. Click here

The H E A L I N G

We present:

H  E A L I N G  Sessions

H E A L I N G Educational Courses with International Certificates

H A L I N G  Practitioner  with International Diplomas

H E A L I N G  Events, Festivals, Camps, Conferences, Workshops

The T H E R A P Y

We present:

T  H E R A P Y  Sessions

 T E R A P Y  Events, Festivals, Camps, Conferences, Workshops

The  M E T A P H Y S I C A L  Science

 We Present:

A  N G E L I C  Meditation

A N G E L I C  Chanting 

and healing with sounds

A N G E L I C   Healing, Reading and Guidance

A N G E L I C  Education

A N G E L I C  Therapeutic Metaphysical Jewelry

C R Y S T A L S   Healing Sessions

C R Y S T A L S   Healing Education International Diplomas

C R Y S T A L S  Therapeutic programming


A N C I E N T   E G Y P I A N  Healing Metaphysics

M E T P H Y S I C A L  Spiritual Tour Egypt