Who We Are

Owner and Director:

Dr. Wafaa H. A. "Shri Yoga Mata Guruwafaa Ji"

 Guru and Doctor of Yoga, Healing and Metaphysical Science, USA
- Worldwide Ordained Metaphysical Minister, International Metaphysical Ministry, USA
- International Practitioners Diploma of Professional treatment of physical and mental ailments and conditions through the use of Spiritual Mind Treatment in the capacity of Metaphysical Practitioner, International Metaphysical Ministry, University Seminary, USA

President of Yoga Federation of Egypt, Africa and Middle East®

President of International Healing and Metaphysics Federation

Director of Egypt Yoga art School®
Director of W A F A Y O G A studio®

Author of Spiritual Growth Books - Dr. Wafaa Yedisu Books
TV Yoga, Healing, Metaphysical Science presenter
Fine Artist, Fine Arts Faculty Graduated- Egypt, Helwan University
Angelic Therapeutic Metaphysical Jewelry Designer and Crystal Programmer

Angelic Spiritual Healer, Reader and Guide

International Memberships

- University of Metaphysics, AZ, USA

- International Metaphysical Ministry, USA

- International Counseling Psychology Association IMM -USA

- Universal Parliament of Religions, Argentine

- Syndicate of Plastic Arts

- Egyptian national Committee

- International Association of Art

-Helwan University, Egypt


- International Yoga Federation, Argentine

- Yoga Alliance of Europe, France 

- World Council of Yoga

- Mediterranean Yoga Federation, Italy

- International Federation of Yoga Sports, India

- Asian Yoga Federation, India

- Yoga World's Day, Portugal, Lisbon


Why Us?

We are the First and The Only International Certified Professional Egyptian Yoga and Healing, Therapy, Angelic Healing and Metaphysical Science School in Egypt, Africa and all Middle East.

-Founder and President: Guruwafaa Ji